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Welcome to the Web Portal of the National System of Information and Integration of Markets (SNIIM) of the Ministry of Economy, México.

SNIIM is the primary source of statistical information about prices of food products in wholesale supply centers.

The SNIIM Statistical information and prices are taken as the basis of certain financial and economic indicators, such as the National Index of Consumer Prices (INPC).

Our information is useful for several types of users: producers, sellers, traders, students, researchers, buyers from restaurants and stores, as well as consultants and consulting firms specializing in agriculture and livestock.

On this site you can find prices, yearbooks and national average price tables, such as annual, monthly or weekly, comparative and trend graphs, several papers (weekly bulletins, market reviews, benchmarking of prices and various reports), commercial links for suppliers and consumers of products and services to conduct business, directories of traders in wholesale markets, distribution centers and supply centers of agricultural products, list of fairs and exhibitions, with events taking place throughout year and more information to improve their business opportunities.

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Restablecimiento del Abasto Privado en Situaciones de Emergencia

Sello de Confianza AMIPCI

Certificado ISO 9000 9002

OIMA Organización de Información de Mercados de las Américas

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

Los precios consultados en esta página son de referencia

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