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Comercial Oportunities:
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Yesterday: Tuesday 12/Dec/2017
Prices per kilogram marketed in 50 kg package
 Coconut First quality 
Aguascalientes: Agricultural Commercial Center of AguascalientesGuerreroPiece11.5012.5012.00
Baja California : Wholesale Market INDIA, TijuanaColimaPiece16.0016.0016.00
Baja California Sur: Traders Union of La PazJaliscoPiece15.0018.0015.00
Coahuila: Wholesale Market of La Laguna, TorreónColimaPiece14.0015.0014.50
Colima: Distribution Centers of ColimaColimaPiece18.0024.9024.90
Durango: Center of Distribution and Supply of Gomez PalacioColimaPiece14.0015.0014.60
Durango: Wholesale Market "Francisco Villa"ColimaPiece20.0021.0020.00
Jalisco: Market Felipe Ángeles of GuadalajaraOaxacaPiece13.5013.5013.50
Jalisco: Wholesale Market of GuadalajaraOaxacaPiece11.5012.0011.50
Michoacán: Wholesale Market of MoreliaMichoacanPiece13.0014.0013.00
Nayarit: Wholesale Market 'Adolfo López Mateos' of TepicJaliscoPiece13.0016.0015.00
Nuevo León: Wholesale Market "Estrella" of San Nicolás de los GarzaColimaPiece17.0020.0018.00
Puebla: Wholesale Market of PueblaGuerreroPiece16.0017.0017.00
Sonora: Wholesale Market "Francisco I. Madero" of HermosilloJaliscoPiece15.0018.5015.00
Sonora: Wholesale Market of Cd. ObregónColimaPiece14.0014.0014.00
Tamaulipas: Wholesale Module of ReynosaNuevo LeonPiece14.0015.0015.00
Veracruz: Market MalibránVeracruzPiece13.0014.0014.00
Veracruz: Wholesale Market of JalapaVeracruzKilogram12.0013.0013.00
Veracruz: Wholesale Market of MinatitlánVeracruzPiece13.0014.0014.00
Yucatán: Wholesale Center OxkutzcabDistrito FederalPiece6.006.006.00
Yucatán: Wholesale Market of MéridaDistrito FederalPiece9.0010.009.00
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Prices are as of today or the most recent previous price according to weekday or hour
See note on Schedules

Prices are as of today or the most recent previous price according to weekday or hour
See note on Schedules
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